Yesterday I was Clever… Today I am Wise


Welcome to 2022.  I was moved to include a Rumi quote for this month – and then realised I could go with Rumi quotes for months and years to come.  Has Rumi got the answer to everything? Rumi is more than capable of forming all the questions and all the answers very beautifully, I’m sure.

All the answers are out there but not necessarily right, cannot possibly be right, for all of us.  Some will be, some won’t.  So in the end what’s important is finding one’s own answer for oneself.  Where you find your own truth.  At this point wisdom kicks in and we search for what’s meaningful to us as individuals.  To find these answers, however, the resources are other human beings, ones willing to walk with you as you find your answers.  You’ll know which are true for you as it will be a felt experience.  The resource is just a guiding light – a coach, counsellor or lightworker/mentor.

Coaching will help with seeing what you have and how to organise it and when to organise it, building the steps to achieving or improving.  Counselling will usually be a deeper dive into how you have come to have what you have and will give clues as to how to re-organise to achieve in the future or improve your situation.  That’s the value in looking at “water under the bridge”.

The work we can do at Jaci Harman Coaching means we’ll use all the tools we have available to move organically and smoothly between setting goals and working through past issues to inform and improve the future.  Here’s where you can start that.  Do get in touch with me for an initial consultation.  Time to be wise.