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We’ve enjoyed a complicated yet loving relationship since 2008, the result has been a blended family of artists. We’ve seen some rough times including job loss, illness, and deaths, but we were able to get back on the loving track each time. However, as the old saying goes, “everyone has a breaking point,” and Covid-19 was ours.
We began biting each other’s heads off, shutting down, and denying each other intimacy. Fear of the virus, my mom’s death in December 2019, and the March 21st death of my ex-husband and roommate knocked the wind out of our sails. The events also caused major financial disruptions for our household. I knew that without professional help, we would not survive as a couple or family.
I met Jaci on social media, then asked to interview her on my YouTube TV Show. Her interview was so warm, informative, and down to earth I began thinking about my husband and me. Our relationship was at the breaking point. So, reached out to Jaci and asked to become a client.
The result of her guidance is obvious to us, I want to call it magic! She’s well equipped to keep things in their proper perspective without allowing us to talk over each other. Leonard and I made an amazing amount of progress starting with our first session. Yes, there were still blow ups and concerns, but Jaci helped us work through every one of them.
We thank God for this woman, we are now becoming repeat clients for the long run. Thank you Jaci for blessing us with your gift, may the universe continue to bless you with wisdom, knowledge, and good health.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dorothy H & Leonard S
San Jose, CA-USA

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