I’m grateful to Jaci Harman for the care given to me in the midst crisis. My professional career was sabotaged and Jaci was there with care, compassion, and respect. She provided me guidance, comfort, and strength to make my own decisions. I cannot thank Jaci enough for working with me while I was adjusting to several different types of medicines and to have her support was so helpful. I was able to continue along this path of healing. I recommend her to others that need support especially during a transition. Leslie M, San Diego

It made a difference – Dorothy H & Leonard S San Jose, CA-USA

We’ve enjoyed a complicated yet loving relationship since 2008, the result has been a blended family of artists. We’ve seen some rough times including job loss, illness, and deaths, but we were able to get back on the loving track each time. However, as the old saying goes, “everyone has a breaking point,” and Covid-19 […]

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