Don’t Despair; Surrender to Events with Hope

As the UK furlough scheme ended yesterday, potentially plunging thousands into financial limbo; the queues at petrol pumps started to return to normal ending a week-long crisis where poverty mindset (or wartime mentality) entered the collective consciousness and it was like the Wild West on the petrol forecourts, every man for himself; and the sombre

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Reaching My Full Potential

Jaci has truly inspired me to reach my full potential.  She approaches each session by breaking down your goals in to tangible pieces but her focus is getting you to personally take full responsibility for creating the life you want!  Her empathy, positive outlook and observant  manner – allowed me to have many lightbulb moments,

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It’s Not the Years in Your Life…

I’m fascinated by quotes – are they only fascinating because famous people have said them?  That could be something for another discussion or voice your opinion in the comments box below.  Whatever, some things resonate with me at the point when I first come across them, then I feel the need to share in case

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It made a difference – Dorothy H & Leonard S San Jose, CA-USA

We’ve enjoyed a complicated yet loving relationship since 2008, the result has been a blended family of artists. We’ve seen some rough times including job loss, illness, and deaths, but we were able to get back on the loving track each time. However, as the old saying goes, “everyone has a breaking point,” and Covid-19

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