I’ve worked a triple career since 1997; being a mother of two children (it takes a village to bring up a child and I had amazing support); working as a volunteer counsellor with partners or other family members of alcoholics, then qualifying as a counsellor and relationship therapist; working in the corporate environment as an event planner to fund all of this and to feed the part of my soul that likes to organise. Mostly, I’ve been fortunate and what I’ve done in my life has fed my soul.

Nowadays, dancing the dance of my life means I work as a couples life coach/ counsellor running my own  business .

I’m a reiki practitioner and can offer distance healing, if requested.

Bless the Process, and accept it as the greatest gift to the Kindest Creator:  Embrace the Process, and move through it with peace and wisdom and joy.   Use the Process, and transform it from something you endure to something you engage as a tool in the creation of the most magnificent experience of All Time: the fulfillment of your Divine Self.

Neale Donald Walshe; The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, 2005

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How the Coach/Counselling or Couples Relationship Process Can Work --

Having worked in an intense manner all my life the way I work now is much less that way.   

In  our coach/counselling sessions, what is important is to have a space that is about pressure easing off, a sense of a long deep breath exhaling and letting go of tension.  Each one of the couple or family member has the chance to hear and be heard as to their experience in the story of your relationship in a more neutral environment.

What we can do is build, honour and thrive whether back in the old relationship or forwards to a life lived gloriously alone… for a time or until another change is desired.